Currency & Commodity Trading

Module 3: Currency and Commodity Market Trading

Currency Market Trading
Liquidity and Size on the higher end; this represents the context of foreign exchange market. Here the players are- banks (big or small), speculators, hedgers, big organizations, governments, and other financial institutions. On international basis this trading holds the reputation of the most established one. Growing scope of currency futures in India has drawn the need of currency trading knowledge for traders and brokers here. An effective and valid knowledge will only guarantee the true hold of the nerves of this market.

Commodity Market Trading Commodity Trading is considered as the second reputed field after equity in India. Internationally this sector offers a huge product diversity to trade in. The Indian market, one of the largest producers and consumers of agricultural and non-agricultural producers, has a major impact on global commodity price trends. There are immense opportunities for every sort of market participant. We will train you to become the best player to determine your best hold in this market. Come, let us join hands.

Course Content
Currency Market Trading

• Currency Market- An introduction
• Concept of derivatives
• Foreign Exchange Market & Currency Futures
• Trading & Clearing System in Currency Derivatives Segment
• Currency market- A legal aspect
• Currency movements- Cause and impact
• Jobbing Strategies in Currency market
• Spread Strategies in Currency market
• Currency Futures

Commodity Market Trading

Introduction to Commodity market- Domestic and International
Commodity Market Fundamentals
Precious Metals- Gold and Silver
Other Metals- Copper, Zinc, Lead, Nickel
Strategies: Jobbing, Spread Trading and Pair Trading

Brush-up topics

Financial Markets
Financial Products
Security Analysis
Fundamentals of Computers
Live trading in NCDEX, MCX and Currency Market Terminal.

ourse duration and mode

3 Months
Classes from Mondays to Fridays
Option of Week-end sessions for working professionals

Course Registration and Payments

Same as given for Stock Market Trading Module