About us

Trinath Institute of Money Management Studies (TIMMS) is an exclusive innovation of Trinath group. Trinath Group was found under the aegis of talented, dedicated and hardworking professionals in year 2003. In the course of aggressive and continuous trading mixed with lack of good trading professionals, Trinath group felt the need of building talent pool to feed the growing demand of the finance market industry. In order to meet this heavy demand we launched an exclusive institute, TIMMS, to train the aspiring students to become competitive professionals. The mix of the contents in each course introduced has not let anything to miss out. There is a wide variety and a deep scope of learning with TIMMS, be it the basic knowledge on Stock Markets or Technical and Analysis or the insight in Currency and Commodity markets or whatever comes to your mind- we have a solution, knowledge , expertise and state of the art teaching skills for all.

Being a part of TIMMS, you will always share a competitive edge over others. Our distinguished services are being justified by the unmatched expertise of our trainers, valuable intellectual property, being developed by rigorous market experience achieved through these years, dependable hardware and software infrastructure and rich course structure and content.

Vision: To become the best Financial market Institute in India known for its rich pool of talented and dedicated professionals mixed with the wide variety of career opportunities.

Mission: Comprehensive and unmatched Financial market education is the reason TIMMS had a birth. Education, Technical Know-How, best Trading Skills and professionalism- this comprises our reason of being for you.

Values: Rich Pool of talented trainers, innovation, rigorous and effective teaching methodology, best technical know-how and commitment for excellence are our guiding values.